event node


The event node groups action nodes and only actions them once the event has been triggered. If the node is a child of a node that fires events, such as object, then the actions will occur in the appropriate circumstance.

Once triggered, events action their child nodes in the same way as a concurrent node.

Any event node with an id specified can be triggered by the trigger action.

For more information regarding the scripting of this node see the scripting reference entry for event.


This node can contain action nodes as children.

Example B.3. Use of event node

<event id="myevent">
	<transition .../>


event attributes
typeparent dependent specifies the circumstance that triggers this event if it is a child of an appropriate node. E.g. "onclickdown" for the object node.
toan object id if this event is of type onproximity this field indicates the object that will be checked for proximity to the object that this event is a child of. For more information see Reacting to object proximity.
thresholda positive integer0.25the distance between this event's parent object and the object referenced by to before the event will trigger. This distance is in the scene's coordinate scale - thus a value of 2 is the height of the target.

Attributes common to action nodes
timesinteger1the number of times to perform this action. Use -1 to repeat indefinitely

Attributes common to nodes
visiblebooleantrueIf false, this node (or its children, if it has any) will not be rendered.
colorr g b a (in range 0 to 1)1 1 1 1specifies the color used to modulate this node and its children
idstring an identifier used to refer to this node