Chapter 1. Introduction

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Platform changes
Version 0.8.1
Version 0.8


The Popcode platform

Popcode provides a way for describing and delivering augmented reality content to users. This content takes the form of an image, known as a target, and a description of 3-D geometry that will be displayed on or around the target when viewed using the Popcode application.

The Popcode app identifies content using a Popcode logo that embeds a unique barcode. When the user views a Popcode using the player, the app downloads the content associated with that code from the Internet and displays it on the target, which is usually beside or around the logo.

Content structure

Content for the Popcode platform is organised in packages. Each packages contains one augmented reality application - the content to be displayed, a special file that describes the target, and some meta-data (a title and description, etc).

The platform associates one package with one unique Popcode.

Developing content

The Developer Kit provides the tools necessary to build and test Popcode content. It can be downloaded from

At present, there is no infrastructure in place for content developers to obtain a Popcode and upload packages to the platform. The Developer Kit does, however, provide an application for viewing local content and a special Popcode that points to the SD card on mobile devices. This way you can create content and try it out on your PC or phone.

Any questions?

You may find Popcode forums useful, particularly if you have questions or issues that are not addressed in this documentation.