trigger node


The trigger node starts the actions in an event node.

For more information see the XML reference entry for trigger.

Constructor event_node , [id] )

The event_node parameter indicates the event node to trigger.

The parameter id is optional. If specified the node will be given this id.

Example C.74. Use of trigger constructor

	<script type="text/x-lua">
		myevent = scene:getById("myevent")
		mytrigger =

	<event id="myevent>
		<!-- OMITTED add actions -->



Functions common to action nodes


Resets this action such that it will occur again (from the beginning).

node:setNoTimes( val )

Sets the number of times this action should occur. Pass the value -1 to repeat indefinitely.

Example C.75. Use of setNoTimes

	<script type="text/x-lua">
		mytransition = scene:getById("mytransition")
	<transition id="mytransition"
				start="0 0 0" end="1 1 1" 
				length="1000 />

	<object id="myplane" type="primitives://plane.aro"/>

Functions common to nodes

col graphnode:getColor()

Returns a table of 4 values - red, green, blue and alpha (transparency) between 0.0 and 1.0.

Example C.76. Use of getColor

	<script type="text/x-lua">
		myplane = scene:getById("myplane")
		cols = myplace:getColor()
		red = cols[1]
		green = cols[2]
		blue = cols[3]
		alpha = cols[4]
	<object id="myplane" type="primitives://plane.aro" color="0.5 1 1 0.75"/>

boolean graphnode:isVisible()

Returns true if the node is set to visible, or false otherwise.

graphnode:setColor( col )

Sets the color of the node. Pass a 4-element table with entries { red, green, blue, alpha }. Values are expressed between 0.0 and 1.0.

Example C.77. Use of setColor

	<script type="text/x-lua">
		myplane = scene:getById("myplane")
		--         r    g   b    a
		newcol = { 0.1, 1, 0.5, 0.25 } 
	<object id="myplane" type="primitives://plane.aro"/>

graphnode:setVisible( true or false )

Sets the visibility of the node. Invisible nodes are not displayed and do not respond to events e.g. onhover, onclickdown etc.