wait node


The wait node spends time doing nothing. Its primary use is to introduce a time delay in a sequential node.

For more information regarding the scripting of this node see the scripting reference entry for wait.


This node cannot contain children.

Example B.14. Use of wait node

	<transition object="myplane" what="position" end="2 1 3" times="2" length="3000"/>
	<wait length="3000"/>
	<transition object="myplane" what="position" end="0 0 0" times="2" length="3000"/>


wait attributes
lengthinteger1000the amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait for

Attributes common to action nodes
timesinteger1the number of times to perform this action. Use -1 to repeat indefinitely

Attributes common to nodes
visiblebooleantrueIf false, this node (or its children, if it has any) will not be rendered.
colorr g b a (in range 0 to 1)1 1 1 1specifies the color used to modulate this node and its children
idstring an identifier used to refer to this node