launch node


The launch node visits a specified URL. It can be used to send the user to a web site using the device's browser or to display a video full screen.

The type parameter can take one of the following values:


The device's web browser is launched and directed to the URL specified.


A video is displayed full screen. There may be a delay between this node being executed and the start of video playback. During this delay, and during the playback of the video, the scene will be paused. For a discussion of the video formats available see Video.

If specified, the event node referenced by onreturntrigger will be triggered when the user returns to the scene from the resource. Note that on some platform and resource type combinations this may never happen.

For more information regarding the scripting of this node see the scripting reference entry for launch.


This node cannot contain children.

Example B.5. Use of launch node

<launch type="web" url=""/>


launch attributes
typeweb or videothis attribute must be specifiedthe type of resource indicated by the URL
urla full URL including protocol (e.g. http://)this attribute must be specifiedthe URL of the resource
onreturntriggerevent node id the id of an event to trigger when the user returns from the resource

Attributes common to action nodes
timesinteger1the number of times to perform this action. Use -1 to repeat indefinitely

Attributes common to nodes
visiblebooleantrueIf false, this node (or its children, if it has any) will not be rendered.
colorr g b a (in range 0 to 1)1 1 1 1specifies the color used to modulate this node and its children
idstring an identifier used to refer to this node