reparent node


The reparent node moves a node from its current parent node (e.g. the scene or a group) to another parent node.

The position, scale and rotation of the node is transitioned between the parents over the time specified by the length parameter.

For more information regarding the scripting of this node see the scripting reference entry for reparent.


This node cannot contain children.

Example B.8. Use of reparent node


	<!-- this object starts displayed relative to the target -->
	<object type="apple.aro" id="apple"/>
	<group relativeto="screen" id="screengroup">
		<!-- the object will end up here, displayed relative to the screen -->
	<reparent object="apple" endparent="screengroup" length="2000"/>


reparent attributes
objectnode idthis attribute must be specifiedthe id of the node that will change parents
endparentgroup node idthis attribute must be specifiedthe id of the group node that will become the new parent for the object
typelinear or smoothlinearhow the position, rotation and scale of the object are altered through time
lengthinteger1000the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the reparent will take. The object's position, rotation and scale will be transitioned over this time.

Attributes common to action nodes
timesinteger1the number of times to perform this action. Use -1 to repeat indefinitely

Attributes common to nodes
visiblebooleantrueIf false, this node (or its children, if it has any) will not be rendered.
colorr g b a (in range 0 to 1)1 1 1 1specifies the color used to modulate this node and its children
idstring an identifier used to refer to this node