sequential node


The sequential node groups action nodes and actions all its immediate children one at a time. Only once all child actions have completed will it repeat if specified to by the times attribute.

For more information regarding the scripting of this node see the scripting reference entry for sequential.


This node can contain actions nodes as children.

Example B.10. Use of sequential node

	<transition object="myplane" what="position" end="2 1 3" times="2" length="3000"/>
	<transition object="myplane2" what="position" end="2 1 3" times="2" length="3000"/>


Attributes common to action nodes
timesinteger1the number of times to perform this action. Use -1 to repeat indefinitely

Attributes common to nodes
visiblebooleantrueIf false, this node (or its children, if it has any) will not be rendered.
colorr g b a (in range 0 to 1)1 1 1 1specifies the color used to modulate this node and its children
idstring an identifier used to refer to this node